Saturday, November 10, 2012


Well I have created a new page that will show my progress on the Grandmother's Choice BOW from Barbara Brackman.  I am caught up!!!  Even with block #4...killer block.  Loved doing the latest one with the schoolhouse.  So click here to see the newest.  I am hoping to do another page with the Stars and Sprigs BOM...but not ready yet. ;o).

Update on Bob with kidney stones....well we thought we were done with the 2 operations behind us.  He went back for a check up and they found a "shard" in one of his he has to have another operation in about a week.  BUMMMER!!!  He has been feeling fine and did say he has a pain there just every now and then, but nothing serious...but needs to get fixed this year so we don't have many out of pocket expenses.

I think that is why I have quilted so much this I need to see the dining room table soon since I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner.... hee...hee.   k


  1. Sorry to hear that Bob is still having problems. Glad you got some sewing done this weekend.

  2. So sorry to hear about Bob. I hope he is getting frequent flyer miles from all his hospital trips so you can have some fun when it's all over ;)