Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grandmother's Choice BOW

Here are the blocks I have finished for Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice BOW.  You will see that I am still working on Block 4...a difficult block that I am trying applique hopefully will be posted soon.  Also missing block 9...not sure what happened there...will make this week.
This is my therapy right now.  I can feel accomplishment when I get just one block done ;o)  I am staying with the suggested colors for the suffrage movement that were recommended...purple, green and gold.  Like the "red" block for a little spice.  Hope you enjoy.  k
block 1 Grandmother's Choice
block 2 Amethyst Suffragettes 
block 3 Union Square Red
   for Rebellion
block 5 New Jersey
Suffrage Pioneer 
block 6 Aunt Eliza's Star
Child Custody
block 7 Alice's Flag 
block 8 Rocky Road to Kansas
block 10 New York State
Susan B. Anthony breaks the law


  1. Like your blocks. I am doing green, purple, and white as well. I really struggled with week2 and will probably redo it. I have since bought Blockbaseand week8 is better. Hope to see you at Thimbles

  2. Love your blocks. You have inspired me, maybe this weekend I can get caught up.

  3. I love your blocks!! I am behind and am desperately trying to catch up. Hope to see you Saturday at Thimbles. It's been too long!!