Grandmothers' Choice BOW by Barbara Brackman

This is what the blocks in my BOW look like.  I am trying to keep a record and see how it will look when completed.  I know I am going to add sashing, but not sure what setting yet.  Hope you enjoy. The individual blocks will be below the mock up.  Create your own with the free patterns at Barbara Brackman's blog.  They include a wonderful write up that include many interesting historical facts. k

1 Grandmother's Choice
2 Amethyst: Suffragettes
3 Union Square: Red for Rebellion
4 Kansas Sunflower:  Yellow and Gold
5 New Jersey:  Suffrage Pioneer
6 Aunt Eliza's Star:  Child Custody
7 Alice's Flag
8 Rocky Road to Kansas: 1912
9 Brick Pavement:  March on Washington
10 New York:  Susan B. Anthony Breaks the Law
11 Little Read Schoolhouse:  Lucy Stone
12 Little Boys' Breeches: Dress Reform
13 Everybody's Favorite: Universal Suffrage
14 Bride's Knot: Invisible Women
15 Centennial: New Zealand's Victory
16 Capital T:  Sarah Pellet
17 Mother's Delight: Christabel Pankhurst
18 Cheyenne: Wyoming Firsts
19 Old Maid's Ramble: Desperate Walkers
20 Memory Wreath: Emily Wilding Davidson
21 Parasols and P.R.
22 Jack's Delight: Ridicule as Humor
23 Girl's Joy: An Ounce of Persuasion
24 True Blue:  Too Smart
25 Carrie Nation Quilt
26 Ladies Wreath:  Mourning for Mother
27 Grandmother's Dream:  The Houghtons
28 Ocean Wave: My Friend Erma
29 Seven Pointed Star for Australia
30 Broad Arrow:  Prison Garb
31 Tinted Chains: Click
32 Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie
33 Contrary Husband
34 Coffee Cup: Not My Job Description
35 Granny's Choice: "I am Anti"
36 Sunbonnet Baby: Testament of Youth
37 Nameless Star: the Lucy Stone League

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