Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The closing of...

I have recently received emails of 2 well known quilt stores closing...one is "public", Country Threads.  I love their quilts and blog. The other store is not publicizing their closure for another week.
I understand that Connie and Mary would like to retire....totally get that, but I will miss shopping online for their fun patterns and kits.  I do have a number of kits that I haven't finished from their store....so I guess I should get busy!
One needs to go over to the Aurifil blog and check out my friend's BOM for the Aurifil Designer of the Month...Pay Wys. Love it!
On another note, I have become involved with Ravelry... an online knitting community.  I am making projects for "Plucktember".  What is Plucktember you ask?  It is an event that one knits objects with Plucky Knitter yarns and enter contests.  This is a great group of people and customer service is out of this world.  The yarn is very popular and only available during the Plucky Knitter updates...but it is to die for. I have a few projects planned....
It reminds me of planning for Thimbles Summer Stitch-In...what to make in an allotted amount of time although the f2f is not there which is okay because I do get more knitting done...lol

Saturday, July 5, 2014

New start...

Kevin has his hearing aids!!! He has not worn them since he was 10 or 11 years old.  He was unfortunately made fun of and never adjusted to them no matter what mom and dad did.
So a few weeks ago we went to the audiologist (he is still on DH's plan) and he said he needed to wear hearing aids...his hearing has progressed to the severe stage.  I started to tear up because he had never said he needed to wear them. Hoping this is a new start for him in "opening up".
Insurance paid for part of the visit and that is it...yes the rest is on us, but so worth it. These are the latest ones and hook up to an app on the Iphone...so we had to get one of those also and it had to be the "5" because my "4" would not work the app. This is okay since he is excited and kept asking if the lady called about his hearing aids every day.
So here's to a new start for a young man.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014


I know I have waited to do this, but thought for the $, I best do it....yes, renew my certification in GA.  One never knows what the future holds and I have all the information and PLU's or whatever they call them now. (Eventhough this year one doesn't have to have the required PLU's).
So I got everything together....even had the form notarized that I am who I say I am and uploaded the file and paid the $.  Now to wait to see if they need anything.  Not 100% sure I did it right, but gave them anything I saw on the list.  I did try to call the GPS, but was on hold for a while and gave up and emailed them.  Now to wait...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You wouldn't believe it...

It looked like a storm was coming when DS and I went to get Peanut's stitches out from a growth he had removed. Every thing was fine with him.  It started to rain on the way home and was quite windy. I saw my neighbor sweeping her porch and she started to "mime" to me something in the back yard...so I looked. 
You wouldn't believe it...another one of their trees fell onto our fence and in the end of our yard. One has to laugh since it is all to familiar to what happened last year. She said they were going to get that tree removed and the lone standing one also.  

I said I would call DH at work and let him know she was going to get the process started with their insurance. I call DH and laughed and said at least it wasn't two trees in the yard like last year.

Oh well...back to walking the 5 dogs on leashes for a while...they are good about it, but they love to run better.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Rip it Out!

Well after I thought I could live with the leaves in the floral hexies being a little "off", I've decided I can't after I kept looking at the picture.  So I will be ripping them out.  The only problem is that I see I will need to use more leaves in Part 3.  Just got that in the mail yesterday and am so excited to finish part 2 to get to part 3.
I like that Quiltmania has videos of Di Ford showing what she uses and how to do things her way for each block.  This is for part 2...didn't want to spoil anyone's part 3 surprise.
I love it that she has her dogs in the videos too.  
Well off to see if Homestead Hearth can get more of the chintz. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A little of what I have been up to...

Well I have been busy...just not blogging.  So I decided to let you see little by little what I have been up to.

I subscribed to Homestead Hearth's Di Ford Mystery BOEOM (block of every other month). I am glad I did because they are out of stock now.  The mystery is also in the Quiltmania magazine so you could do it one your own with your fabrics.

I wanted to do this one because of the Broidere Perse, which I have never done, and the quilt seemed fun because you did not know what you were doing until the next shipment.

We did have a little hiccup with the floral fabric at first which slowed my progress a bit, but here is part 1 done.  It is not perfect, but I like it and figure the rest of the quilt will be "busy" and I won't notice the hexie flowers being off a little bit.  It is all done by hand except for the border around the medallion.