Monday, July 29, 2013

Ohhh so nice to come home to....,

It was so nice to come home to happy dogs, birds and bunny. Also a husband who had dinner planned already and a son in his underwear....okay well the last one was a bit of a surprise.
Drive was fine without any traffic.  I do think I will have to take a nap after all the fun I had at the Silver Thimble Summer Stitch In.  I even won one of the red and black 1/2 yard bundles!  Now to figure what to do with all of them.  The best part of the retreat was seeing my quilting buddies!
I also was checking blog posts last night and saw this on Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog:
Thanks Barbara for posting my quilt!  I can't wait until see sees the Grandmother's Choice BOW...need to do the 2 blocks I have missed...k

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

There were a few fireworks in the neighborhood, but the dogs didn't seem to mind them since they were off in the distance...not like where we were in our Lawrenceville neighborhood. The dogs would always have a horrible time with the noise.  Going to grill corn and dogs (hot dogs!) today after B. gets home from work...yes he had to work for a little while today due to closing the books.  It's all good since I normally read the blogs I follow when he is away.  Have a happy.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

They've started

The leaning tree of West Monroe is coming down today.  It is really scary to view them so high up.  Our insurance person wouldn't even get close to it.  I guess he has seen many strange things happen. He suggested that we go to one side of the house because the tree is leaning on another and it has a chance to whiplash into our yard from the release of weight it has been holding....also it could just fall on to our house....hmmm.  Rather noisy day here with the dogs not liking the chain saws. But it is coming down!  Yippy.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update on trees...

Well, the trees are still down in the backyard.  I am not a happy camper.  Yesterday one of the neighbors came over and said that they had to cut the fence for the tree man to work on the tree.  Great so we have a tree cutting man coming?  Nope...he is still getting estimates. So this means that I have to walk each dog on a leash in the backyard.
I know why the other neighbor has been waiting...he had a tree on the other side of his yard hit a neighbor's house...they had house damage.  Need to fix house before our fence.  Get that.  Plus I think it is going to cost a few thousands of $$$ to remove the one tree leaning on the others. Poor guy.
What I have learned about insurance concerning trees:

  • If your tree falls in a neighbor's yard, you pay for it.  Insurance doesn't cover it.
  • If a neighbor's tree falls in your yard, your insurance might cover it and his will not. Yes, even though his tree damaged your property.  
  • Now if that said tree fell into the lake, the owner of the tree's insurance will cover the cost to remove...I guess it is considered community property.
  • It is too confusing to figure out! Just fix it so my pups can run around again.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Do you like embroidery for quilts?

I found another BOM that I am joining a couple months late, but LOVE it.  It is by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly.  She always has wonderful how to's and patterns on her blog.  This one is a free BOM of embroidery with flowers...they look like seed packets.  The link is on the right side bar if you would like to check it out or click on the picture below 

Oh and the trees are still in the backyard.  Won't go there today! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's with this???

This past weekend there was a storm that passed by us from the Missouri tornado tornadoes just really high winds, hail and lots of rain.  I knew a tree fell down in the night from our neighbor's yard into ours...didn't damage anything except the fence.  Then in the morning we went out an noticed on the other side of our yard, the other neighbors had a tree "caught" on two other trees and was up rooted enough to pull out our fence on that side.  Bob and I were just looking around and I said, "hey is this a sign that our yard is the only one that got "trashed"?".  He laughed.
Any how, we are waiting for their insurance to take care of stuff.  So far they have not been out to determine the extent of the damage. Hoping for them today.
The dogs think it is great to have this new big thing to do their business on!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Grandmother's Choice BOW

I liked the block this week for two reasons...easy and then I had an idea to personalize the blocks.  I went thru the 37 that we have done so far and tried to determine who will "sign" the block.  Most of them were pretty easy to determine through Barbara Brackman's history lessons with each block.  I am still deciding on a couple, but for the most part there is a lady who played a part in the suffrage movement on each block.  I was looking for a handwriting font and then said...hmmm I wonder if there are their actual signatures out there...wonders of the Internet.  I have found some and will continue to look...I have started with Lucy Stone on block 37. Here is her signature and below how it came out on the block. Now on to the other 36 ;o)