Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where oh Where has Kristie dee dah dah dah dee...

Okay...well you know I get on a blog roll and then .....silence..... (cricket noises)

Been a tough August.  Work started back at school....some issues and drama, DH still is looking for a job and DH got some kidney stones back...really bad.  It has been a hard few weeks seeing him in such pain and losing some weight he did not have.  Guess I am going to have to make some carb + recipes to get some weight on him....well maybe after he gets his second kidney worked on.  I know the crack mix from stitch in.

Anyways he has to go back in end of Aug and have the stuff done again!  AHHHHHH.  I hate medical me the heebee geebees.  Just been crazy few weeks.

Good news is that I saw in my google reader that Barbara Brackman's Grandmothers Choice BOW gave some preliminary directions to get started.  Loved the last BOW and just bought the backing today at Bad Melisa's...Sweet Home Quilt Co.  Love that store!

I am not sure what colors I will do this one in, but I love the history that goes with the block.  I learn so much!

Well check it out and see if you will be a BOW, BOM, or BOT&TH (block of Tuesday and Thursday...quilts by cheri)...yes I am an addict of "BO's". k

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