Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Organization Begins...

I went to our local Target to get the "cube" organizers on sale this week.  Starting with the 9 cube in white with black bins.  Yes, I said starting.  I am trying to organize my strips and scrappy pieces.  Figure I will make cute tags like Pat at Silver Thimble did for hers.
I am also on a mission to make a banner with my blog name on it and drape in the sewing room along the wall.  Hasn't happened yet.

I still need to work more on the county project before we have our first Media Specialist in-service.  I also need to update my website with the lessons before they show it to the principals at their meeting.  (They did ask for permission).

One of the new rulers I bought at bad Melisa's (Sweet Home Quilt), I am going to try on a jelly roll I have had...Santorini....while I was sorting this I was thinking this would be a cheerful quilt when we all go to the nursing homes.  Then I thought hmmm....santorini....sanitarium....looked at the items in the fabric some more...some look like olives...hmmm if you combine sanitarium and martinis (olives) get the fabric name so it would be perfect when I am in the sanitarium...   nursing home. I wonder if they serve martinis? k


  1. Good luck with your organization.

  2. If there is anyone I would like to spend my aged years with in a sanitarium/nursing home drinking martinis, it would be you! Cheers!!

  3. They have wine and beer at some of the assisted living places:)