Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm sure it's not too late to join...

Okay since it is summer time and I am on vacation, I get to check out more stuff on the internet between doing things I need to do.
Well I have signed up for the Primitive Gatherings Pieced block of the week!  LOVE IT!

And you get a freebie as well.  I guess I loved it so much I signed up twice...they called me and made sure I wanted two.  Great customer service!  I decided to get two and give the other away at a later time.  With the BOW you get a "freebie".  So far the two I have received are so cute and fast to do.  It is a block designed by Lisa B. and it includes the backing and wool to do it with...FREE people!  I will say that I did go on their site last night and got some of the Valdani thread I didn't have to do the free block just like they had it.

There is also a free Alphabet BOD ( block of the day?) at Quilts by Cheri.
It is her own rendition of an alphabet quilt.  She has great primitives on her site and is so generous with her ideas!
Check it out if you want a fun free BOD. k

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