Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yet another snow day for Thursday!

I guess this is what it is like to retire...I get to quilt, quilt, quilt and do things around the cook great dinners and hang out with the DH....although I don't like being "cooped up".  

Working on my RRCB and almost done...1 more border and the corners!  Yippy!  I am a little worried about when it is quilted and the pieced room for error.

I was also wondering if I am "cheating" on the UFO challenge working on a different month!  I don't think so ;o)  k

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  1. Morning! Absolutely love your blog posts during the holidays and snow days. I'm handling the UFO Challenge like you are. Working on anything to get it finished:) I actually had Scrappy Nines in my sewing machine chain piecing. Figured it would just be better to finish that project instead of putting it away. Sewing the rows together today! Take care! Enjoy the day!