Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another day with the snow!  We are off again tomorrow (Wed) and I wonder what trouble I can get into.  I don't mind having the days out, but I hate the make up days and I'm running out of Starbucks!  Our driveway isn't bad now, but the street is horrible with ice....and of course it is on an incline.  I don't think it helps with the kids sledding down it...packing the snow into ice...wait, let me go out and help them, they are having so much fun!

I was able to sew on the first skinny border for RRCB....and I finished assembling the outer border, but only sewed one on...I will finish tomorrow.  I haven't posted pictures because I changed the colors and I'm pretty sure I like the combo....want to see the big picture before I post.  k

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  1. CAn't wait to see yours. Sewing on that border was a bear!