Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bonnie Hunter RRCB...sort of ;o)

I finished this last night and "cleaned" up the threads this morning...was all ready to take a picture and realized I did not have the space to do it on the floor.  So I will wait until Thimbles where someone there can take one for me.  Here is a sampling of it...oh and I part of Gretchen in it...see it Gretch?  
I also have been trying to take pictures of the before UFO's so people can see I am making progress!  Putting these on the UFO page.

I know my dogs will be happy when the kids go back to school...probably tomorrow...When they go sledding, there is a screamer and she is driving them nuts!  DH loves to have me home...he has been home also working.  Cool that he can do it from home also unlike teachers.  k


  1. Love the RRCB. I put mine aside to sew borders on a couple of other quilts.

  2. I love it!!! It looks great and I see the parrot fabric there :)

  3. Great progress! Love the parrot fabric in your blocks! Looking forward to seeing this one!