Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The kids are back

Wow it was quite funny how some students were not awake this morning and others were hyped up!  I was very tired at the end of the day and was not sure I would quilt some, but said "just a little".  

You see below the Bonnie Hunter Christmas Lights UFO #6 for the challenge. The blocks are made, but need to be sewn together and borders added.  I was able to sew the rows tonight...making some progress on something I put away...yippy. 

Also I included a very dark photo I took of Smudge (a pug).  I was cutting and he sat up and I thought it looked like he wanted to learn how to sew....sorry the picture of him is hard to see....he's on a dark blue chair and he's a black pug!  I still thought it was cute.  

Oh, by the way he likes to sit in back of me while I am sitting in the chair sewing...yes I know, it doesn't sound comfortable.  We I don't need lumbar (sp?) support...I have pug support.  He takes up so much room in the back that I sit on the front edge of the chair and very straight.  I just wish he was a little higher on the back...hmmmm.....maybe I should strap him to the back like the supports!  Nah, don't think he would like that.  k

UFO #6

Smudge at the Sewing Machine!


  1. LOL Pug support I like that :) I often have kitty support on the back of my chair. I am ironing HST....endlessly....

  2. I think you should train Smudge to so some of your sewing, or wait maybe you already have and that is how you get so much done.