Saturday, January 8, 2011


I must say there must have been those little green things around me today.  I finally was able to get the book club's t-shirts for the competition in Feb....went to Big Frog in Snellville and the minute you open the door you hear frogs.

Then all sewers know that sound is when one has to rip out your sewing...did lots of that today.  I sewed my Christmas Lights blocks together one day this week and was going to sew the rest of the rows together today, when I noticed something wasn't right.  Ha!  It wasn't a small something either.  I had to ribbbbit out all of the rows I put together and most of the blocks that were sewn together.  I would have left the blocks I put in sideways instead of up and down alone, but it really changed the design and I didn't like it.  The quilt is all better now and has 1 1/2 borders on it...finishing the others tomorrow.

I think I might also do the Civil War block of the week...remember ladies when it gets to the block of the DH coined that phrase!  k

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  1. I know all about that Ribbbbbbit, from the patches and pinwheels. Going to work on the Civil War BOW today.