Sunday, January 2, 2011

UFO....last day of vacation

Well as today was my last day of vacation for awhile, I planned to sleep in and sew. 

Yesterday DH and I hung blinds on many windows.  Still thinking of what to do with a few "odd" windows and others I did not want anything on them now.  We did 11 windows yesterday...looking much better than the temporary paper ones ;o)

Sewing is going strong!  I am really loving how my Bonnie Hunter RRCB blocks are coming out.  I finished the ones with the 600 half square triangles, and I also did the string ones.  One word of caution on the working with the string blocks...bias! 

I also was able to cut the "border" fabric for the Morning Star Swap we did. I bought two fabrics at Bad Melisa's...purple and a black one.  I went with the black one for this.  I love the purple one too and will definitely use it soon.

My UFO for the UFO Challenge 2011 is:  Bonnie Hunter's Christmas Lights Mystery . Yesterday I had to have DH reach up on a shelf to find it.  We had to go thru a few storage containers with other projects. was 12 projects we went thru before finding it...and that wasn't all of them.  I planned to see where I was on that today...but alas it will have to wait until tomorrow. k