Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Need....

I have a long weekend and I need to sew. I want to sew....but will it happen? We shall see.

My in-laws are coming over for a cookout later today. Real simple food on the grill, salad, and munchies. Should be a nice visit. This is the first time they will see the new house.

DH and I have been unpacking forever it seems and I still see boxes. I am over it! By the time I get home from work, I am worn out to think about unpacking or cleaning more. It will get done, just not as fast as DH would like...oh well.

My sewing room is still a disaster area because it is the last to get attention. I do think I will set up the machine least it will be out of the packing box! As for sewing...we shall see. I hear a bajillion 9 patches calling is that many in you pattern Pat right??? heehee k


  1. I always think the siren song of the sewing room must be obeyed no matter what! Have a great day!

  2. Yes, you need to set up a sewing machine and at least sew a few 9 patches. If you don't, you could go into withdrawal, couldn't you!! Happy Labor Day!

  3. Hope that your visit with your in-laws went well. What did they think of the house? Hope you stole some time to sew! I made binding for 2 quilts this morning. I've worked on cleaning and organizing my sewing room. It was good to actually use my machine. Take care!

  4. Hope the inlaw visit went well and that there was still time for some sewing. See you on Thursday.