Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's official...

Well the house and land are officially on the web. I remember when we bought the was not listed on the Internet...we looked through papers the Realtor printed out based on what we wanted....can do this now on most websites.

I did not have we could not email back and forth the scanned documents needed to proceed with the listing. We also did not have a blog where I could post the link to the house on it for others to see! Amazing.

I say all this because I was "interviewed" at school today to see how far I have seen technology come since becoming a member of the school tech team and where I see it going. I do find all the new developments/software intriguing and love this aspect of my job where it is never the same day after day.

To see the house or land, click on the picture.

It is interesting the pictures taken and uploaded. Some do look like I think they should. I liked the virtual tour and then the extra pics attached to that....again my original virtual tour was a walk thru! Progress....gotta love it. k


  1. Like your old house, but like the new one better.

  2. Yahoo!!!!!!! Kristie, your old house is so spacious. I can see why downsizing has been a challenge. Sure hope to see you Friday after school!!!!!! Miss you lots!

  3. I hope that you house sells quickly. Your photos of it look great!