Saturday, August 14, 2010

The house and land are finally listed...well the signs are in the ground, but the listing does not appear on the www until Monday. Yippy.

We have actually started to arrange things in the new house. The "old" house looks great and is ready for a family to bring it to life again. I can't wait to see how it looks on the Internet. I wonder if it will look as I have it in my mind or if the pictures will make it look different.

Know anyone who is looking for a house? heehee. k


  1. You have moved..a mountain this summer. Hope you are getting some quiet time. Probably not. Can't wait to see you.


  2. I know that you are glad to finally have the old house on the market and be able to concentrate onyour wonderful new home

  3. This is fabulous news! I'll keep my fingers crossed for just the right family to visit your old home. Hope that you are settling in the new house. Miss you!

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