Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too much fabric....

Imagine the books in the picture are bolts of fabric...times 25. I do believe I have too much since I admit it, that's half the battle right? I would never say I do to my DH because that means I should not buy any more. The chances of that happening are extremely slim.

It has been good going thru my humongous stash. I am past the little scraps of this and that I have saved...we are cleaning out! Granted I am keeping many, many things and am not sure where everything will go when we do move, but less is better. I am getting many things together to give away ;o) Good stuff, just not enough time in the years to use everything.

We are still trying to work with the bank on the house DH and I think we could downsize to...not sure I like dealing with foreclosure sales...mucho paperwork and no disclosure. We have had it inspected and estimates given to revamp a few things...just waiting on the bank to like our new offer. I am not a patient "waiter". k


  1. I need to clean out too..I need to be separated from my scraps.

    There are several homes still available right on my street! Ok around the corner is ok too.


  2. Good luck. I have been cleaning out today too. It feels good!!!!

  3. I need to get working on my sewing room too but I think I'll put it off until later in the summer when maybe I have some more UFOs done. Oh who are we kidding anyway???? I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for you that you get the house you want at the right price (or less):)

  4. Saying a prayer that the house business works out one way or the other. You're ready to transition to the next stage. Keep up the work with your stash. Remember Faye takes donations to make pillowcases for the kids with cancer. My sewing room (my entire house) is a wreck. Just too busy to clean:) That's my story and I'm sticking to it. See you soon!