Monday, May 24, 2010

It's yo-yo time

I have decided I need help! I am recycling way too much....let me explain.

I have been working on yo-yo's for a quilt pretty steadily for the past year. Progress has been made to reduce the fat quarters in the stash that I have cut up into squares. All is well and good. Well if you have made these yo-yos, you will know that the thread you baste them with gets wasted when it will not go all around the "yo-yo" form.

I felt that I have wasted gobs of thread
when I go to throw away the "pile" ....well one Thimbles, Carmen showed me her mini yo-yos. They were so cute....I had to have that size to make....well....more yo-yos of course. Bad Melisa was able to supply this need.

Then this bell goes off....ding, ding, dingy! Why don't I use the long threads that I waste from the large yo-yos and use it to make the small yo-yos? Yup...time to institutionalize me.... recycling used thread.
What's next...using the fabric trimming from the yo-yo form to make Bonnie Hunter's wonky stars...hmmm. ;o) k


  1. Maybe I should go through my trash and see if I have any threads to give to you. LOL!

    Guess What! I was one of the Moose on the Porch winners for block 6!!

  2. Sounds to me like you need a long, relaxing summer vacation! Lots and lots of sewing time! Cut the thread up and put it outside for the birds to use :)

  3. I love it! I'm wacky recycly that way. Is recycly a word? Is now:)

  4. You need help!!!! I will start saving you some of my thread.

  5. It's a cure that I'm aware of, and if anyone does have a cure, I don't want to know!