Friday, May 21, 2010

House hunting....yuck!

Some of you know that we have been looking to downsize our house and 4 acres. Well I must say I am not the best house hunting person. Have definite likes and dislikes (mostly these!) and we thought we had found a house we both could live in....the negotiations fell through at the end...the bank would not bargain to fix the repairs we felt were necessary for the $$ we were dishing out. Oh well, back to square one as DH says.

I know I am not looking forward to packing my "stashes"...yes stashes...plural!!!! I have the never ending fabric stash...discovering new (old) fabric purchases and ufo's. The fiber stash of washed wool, silk, cotton or yak waiting to be spun on the spinning wheel. The other fiber stash where it is actually yarn to knit, crochet or weave with...and my book collection (not really a stash)...take a wild guess how many books I have being a media specialist????

Not sure how to downsize these things, but I know DH will think I am nuts if I think they will all fit in a smaller house!

Going to try ;o) k


  1. As organized as you are, I know you will be successfull in getting everything together.

  2. Sorry this house did not work out. Just means that there is a better one for you out there. Good luck down sizing your stash:) Hard to do.