Monday, April 19, 2010

AP presentation OVER!!

Well today was the big day for the presentation of 3 semesters of work. I had a friend there, thanks Jim!, but I was still nervous. All I can say was that I was glad it was in the morning and I had the rest of the day to do errands (personal day taken at work). This class is pretty much finished. A little electronic paper work and done. Still a little homework for the folk literature class, but it is not too bad.

Kevin (son #2) and I went out to Ted's and had a nice dinner after meeting with an investment banker. DH and I are looking to see if we need to rework investments for retirement...future retirement...not yet...darn. ;o).

Thanks for the support peeps! k


  1. Glad that everything went well and that it is behind you. Congratulations

  2. Yahoooooooooo! You dazzled them, I'm sure. Counting the days with you!

  3. I know you were fabulous!!! Soon you will have lots more time for sewing hooray!!!