Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A good feeling...

Well DH and I had our offer accepted late yesterday (Tuesday) on the house. Today we signed all the papers (enough to grow 3 trees) for the loan application. The man (who happens to live in the subdivision we are buying convenient) said there was no problem with it and everything should go smoothly with this part of the process...since we have such great credit scores and the $$ we were putting down. It seems like a formality just to fill out the paper just for them to say "yes"...oh well.
Now the hard part....packing (more of it), sorting, throwing away, cleaning, painting, etc. Hmmm and I wanted to move why??? Oh yes DH wanted a smaller house and less yard...4 acres is a lot to mow.

Looking forward to my get away with a couple of friends...NEED this more than I know!

Oh and here is the the future sewing room ;o) It is really long (good thing with all the fabric I am finding) and has great light. There are also 2 windows that you can't see which I like for the natural light. k


  1. That's the smaller house! Your last one? I'm picture the opening flyover of the ranch on "Dallas".

    Enjoy it!

  2. Your new house looks great! It looks like you'll have a nice big sewing room.

  3. Love the new house, when will you be moving in?

  4. Glad you have the icky stuff behind on to the fun stuff. If you're like me, you'll find stuff while packing that you forgot you had! Nice sewing room, too!