Sunday, June 13, 2010

Books...way too many books...

Smudge (only a mom could love that face) says that there are too many books on my bed right now. I am still going through my stash of fabs and started on the quilt books. Any ideas on what to do with the many I am giving away? I thought to bring them to Thimbles next weekend and have the ladies choose what they would like. Hate just tossing them. I am really cleaning these out! DH would be so proud of me...he hasn't seen what he has to cart to the car next weekend, but I know he will be happy.

DH spent most of Friday at the new house that is not ours yet getting bids on the new roof and landscaping. Hot day to do that. I came when the landscape guy, Hank, came. He was definitely on the same design page I was on...naturalize!

The pain was having to submit paper work to the HOA to get the roof color approved (even if it is the same) and the landscape plans approved also. I am so used to not having to do this. I understand the reasoning, but am going to complain anyways ;o)

July 9th is the big day for closing....lots to do before then...and after then...hmmm....yes, moving is a good idea. I just have to keep saying that...moving is a good idea. You will love your sewing will love the kitchen when DH lets you put the granite counter tops in.... k


  1. How about donating the books to the county library? I often wish DeKalb library system had newer quilting books.

  2. I have a great roofer ask me how I know...

  3. Tell Smudge you can never have too many books. I too have some books that I want to get rid of, the library is a great idea.

  4. I don't think the Gwinnet PL accepts book donations. I think bringing them to Thimbles is a great idea:) The Gwinnett Guild is, too. I can bring the ones no one claims to the July meeting.

  5. Keep some for the Stitch-in prizes. They can live in my basement if you need to move them out of your house.

  6. Smudge, what a honey. I definitely would be a cupcake around him. :)