Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time for....

Well I must say I would rather be working now then having to make it up later. I know that parts of our county were hit hard and that they canceled school again today because of it. We were very lucky and had no damage, just feel like I am waterlogged.

It is amazing what one can get done when one's homework is finished for the week...well I could work on my "other" class project that is due in the beginning of Oct...but.....

I actually got to quilt a quilt I had made out of a jelly roll a long time ago. It was a Jelly Log Cabin pattern or something like that. Now for the binding. I also quilted another one for a friend who has pancreatic cancer. I did not make the top, but this person was the one who hired me into the school system and encouraged me to go back to school for my 2nd degree...and now I am on my third!!! MAY, MAY, MAY....I will be done!!! Sorry got away from myself.

Anyways, I hope it makes her feel good. I was also wondering what to do next....see I have been collecting BOMs and well they are well organized ;o)

So what else to do but go onto Homestead Hearth site and see what BOM my friend, Brenda, was talking about. Hmmmmm. Had to have Brenda has a new name....BAD BRENDA! It is gorgeous and doesn't start right away. This gives me time to use a J'store coupon on another plastic storage container to keep it in...haha.

I also worked on my Bonnie Hunter Christmas Lights mystery. Plan on doing more today :o) Oh it is so nice to do something other than work for a change.
Stay dry people!


  1. So glad you are getting some sewing in.I missed the correction on the mystery quilt. I did not find it till I was finished up to part 3. lol Teresa

  2. Bad Brenda? I guess I could be. Gald to hear that you are well and dry. I too got some things done yesterday and today.

  3. Somehow I figured you would use your wet days off to good use. Just got back from quilt retreat with Crows..

    Another great BOM...hmm


  4. I'm glad that you made the best out of the wet weather. Congrats on getting your 2nd degree! And, good luck on getting your 3rd! I have a collection of BOMs. Now, if I could get them sewn together into a quilt top!