Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well I went to Patchwork Cottage to see if they had a brown that went with the lovely Sultry layer cake I bought there the other day. What luck. I was meant to go just came in! I plan on trying the Moda Bakeshop 9-patchtastic pattern that bad Melisa blogged about.
I then drove to Conyers, yes to see bad Melisa. She was trying to hide...imagine having to do office work for a quilt shop! I thought one could just play with fabric all day...yeah right! Anyway I did buy a few things. I also saw my friend Becky there...she was finishing up her Firecracker quilt and got some great borders. I did say I bought a few things....well I got the Just Desserts book and loved the 30's quilt in there but didn't want another 30's quilt. So they had 5 Aviary honey buns (needed 7 but thought I could make it smaller). The pattern calls for 7....lots of pieces. Going to go with a light blue not the pink like Melisa liked ;o) It will definitely be a "soft" quilt with itsy bitsy pieces! I also picked up a Figgy Pudding charm pack and some complementary fabric to make a table runner...cute fabs in this line. Oh and did I say I asked (which one should never do if you are over budget already) if the pattern that I saw there the other day was's called Cake Walk and Sheila G. did some embroidery work on it and it is gorgeous....and yes they had that ready too! Well let's just say I paid cash and Mastercard so DH wouldn't think I went overboard on the credit card.


  1. HMMM sounds like you managed to hide the evidence well. I will expect a good show and tell at Thimbles.


  2. Sounds like you had a great time, I almost went there today, went furniture shopping instead.

  3. I still say PINK! (I can't wait to see the quilt made up even if you do use the blue!)

  4. What a fun day!!! Don't listen to Melisa--blue is definitely better than pink all the time.