Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Ready...

I've been getting together the projects I would like to work on during the Stitch In. Yes, I know it is in July, but I'm excited about quilting for 12 hours a day :o) So I have decided to work on the "exchange of bricks" quilt first. This is a Bonnie Hunter design "bricks and stepping stones". 8 of us have swapped bricks. I have made my 4 patches for the quilt and will make that up in a jiffy. Figure I can talk and sew this quilt at the same time.

My next project I hope to complete is Tic Tac....although it has been tough to have that one "ready" and not sew on it. It is from Silver Thimble Company. I am doing it in Hello Betty Retro. And yes Pat, I am using a jelly roll!

Then I have been cutting scraps for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. Brenda and Becky said they were going to do it also. It is so much more fun when others do the quilt with you!


  1. I'm doing the new mystery quilt too but still need to pull fabrics. I'm glad there is time between clues on this one. I can't believe you have your 4-patches done for the bricks quilt. I have fabric pulled for that. I may stop by to see y'all during stitch in if I can.

  2. I'm so excited you are making this quilt and I will be right there to watch you. O.K jelly roll...I'm going to have to jump over to the other side.


  3. Looking forward to quilting with you. I havent' started getting my stuff together you are ahead of me.

  4. My plan is to get projects ready this week for the stitch-in. I had dental work this morning and slept the afternoon away. What's in that stuff they use to handle the pain? Don't know if I will sew today. Still too groggy. Maybe, read on the couch.....

    Your three projects are one that I hope to work on, too!