Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding time...

Well I have been finding some time to quilt. I have been slowly working on the pineapple sundae quilt. Lots of rounds to put on. It is very relaxing since I am only doing a little at a time. Sometimes I find that pineapple quilts get frustrating having to cut after each round, but not this time...must be old age.

I also am working on the Bonnie Hunter Christmas Lights mystery. I did go out and buy a black...not too many in my stash. I then decided that I didn't have enough red or green and bought them too....not I'm not sure on the green when I got it back to my "pile". It's a great green, just not sure if it will show as well in this scrappy quilt.

I've been reading lots of middle school books for a class I am taking this summer on historical fiction. Some definitely can go into elementary which is good. Still checking off assignments in the 2 classes I am taking...which is good. Feel like I am making progress.

I get to "work" next week at the new school. Checking in textbooks...oh what fun. At least I will get to know our new asst. principal better. k


  1. Don't forget to let me know if you need me at all this summer for the new library!


  2. You always manage to quilt even when you are so busy with school (s)..Well the Stitch In is coming and I for one can't wait.


  3. You always get so much done, I don't know how you do it.