Monday, June 29, 2009

My eyes have been reading way too much the last few weeks and there's more to come ;o)
That's what I get for being a media specialist! Well at least I know there are others out there feeling the eye strain with me...right Jim!
Hoping to get a big part of my reading done in the next two weeks for my two classes. Just not going to worry about housework or cooking...just read, read, read. I have read a few great books in the children's literature class I am taking. They are more for upper elementary or middle school kids. It's the studies and articles for the research class I am taking that require way too much thought! So next time my eyes seem'll know why.


  1. Hope that your professor responded to your e-mail. Read on!

    It was wonderful visiting with you on Saturday. Thoroughly enjoyed our shopping trip and lunch!

  2. Reading for the next TWO WEEKS...HMM I will see you on Monday...SEWING...RIGHT..

    I challenge you to a Big Sky...