Sunday, June 7, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Well must say summer has started with a BANG! Have not had much quilting time, but things are going to change. I was able to stock the new media center already in a day and a half with helpers from the county. I've gone on a 2 day retreat for the new school "bonding". I also started UGA summer session with 3 graduate classes....yes I am insane. Realized this when I went to my second mandatory orientation on Thursday in Athens and I was going to have to not sleep to do all the work just for that class...literally! I tossed and turned about what to do and decided Sat. morning to drop a class that I can take in the fall. (this was the one that was not the best choice to take in the short summer session anyway). So needless to say I will have some time for quilting. Yippy.

I also noticed it was April since my last post! What a bad blogger I am ;o)

I checked out the Moda bakeshop like bad Melisa suggested and my printer has been busy. Now to see what I need for the projects.

Hoping all my brick and stepping stones people who are going to swap this month are ready. I plan to be at Thimbles all day Friday...yes forget homework! I can't be there Sat. due to an all day class I have at UGA, so someone will have to pass mine on to the Sat. people.

Off to the library to pick up my reading materials....oh and speaking of materials...may stop at Patchwork Cottage on the way home.... k


  1. I'm glad you found some quilting time!!! Sounds like you will have a busy summer anyway. I have all my bricks ready and will deliver on Saturday :)

  2. Smart girl! You must have some quilting time this Summer. Glad to hear that your MC has books. My bricks are ready. Just need to be bagged. Take care!

  3. Can't wait to see you on FRiday. I have my stepping stones ready. You have to do some fun stuff this summer, you know what they say about all work!!!