Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break

Well I have not accomplished all that I wish this break so far. I officially started break after Saturday. I had a UGA class from 9 - 3 that day...figured still in school.

I have done some fun things ;o) I've gone to the mountains for a day driving around looking at property with my husband. All in all, I see why people use Realtors. We didn't find the "one" but we did figure out what we didn't want. We were looking for a view of one would have to be sort of high to see the mountain view, right? Well we decided that it was not worth the view if we had to go up a road that was the width of the car and very curvy...with a very steep drop if you slide off the road. I also seem to be into that water sound. Thought we wanted 100% wooded acreage...decided that was not best for the canine members of the family...especially the big vision impaired guy. We also liked some towns better than others due to what there was to offer for shopping.

On Tuesday we had a contractor come over to start demolition on our master bath. Oh what a mess I envisioned, but the guys were great. We had some water damage and now it is all brand new "stuff" in to fix that part. DH and I went to pick out tile and we got more than the allowed square foot price so of course we are paying more than the quote...that's okay, it is going to look fabulous. Right now everything is curing before they put the tiles on...waiting for the drywall person to fix the ceiling DH put his foot thru while up in the attic one day...also waiting for an electrician for the tile people...not sure why ;o)

I have accomplished some homework for UGA this week also...still more to go. I am registered for summer classes ;o) I think I am nuts, but I might try 3 over the summer and open a new school...yup, nuts.

Rex is doing good with his blindness. We are slowly getting him back to where he feels comfortable running in the field...loved to see him do this...sounds just like a horse. He is still hesitant on the steps, but doing well.

Oh, and I have quilted today ;o) Thanks to bad Melisa at Sweet Home Quilts I have the new pineapple sundae quilt kit! I cut out some and sewed!!

Yippy. Kristie


  1. Sounds like you're having a busy "break" - glad I could add to the mix a little! I've got a Pineapple Sundae kit set aside for me, too, even though I have no clue when I might ever get to it. I just love this quilt!!!

  2. Wow you have a very busy break! Can't wait to see your Pineapple quilt in person. I bet it is going to be beautiful. Happy hunting for your perfect place in the mountains!

  3. Wow you have been busy. It definitely takes looking around up in the mountains to decide what you want and don't want. Hope to wee you soon.

  4. Hi, Christie, So glad to hear from you. I have gotten a bom from Homestead Hearth. Thanks for hooking me.

    Teresa Wade

  5. Love hearing about your search for your mountain home. I love the mountains! Two classes and opening a new school is crazy. Hope you're rethinking that one :) Hope to see your Pineapple Sundae quilt this weekend!