Sunday, January 25, 2009

Homework done for the night...Pageturner questions cards bought...All for a busy day tomorrow, Monday. It is our annual School Book Club Competition where the top 6 lucky kids get to spend all day Saturday with me and about a bigillion other kids who like to read. Our school also made tomorrow night Reading Night. So after school I have the competition...will probably last until 5pm and then Reading Night...need to check when that starts. I think 6:30pm. It will be exhausting but fun. I have the Gwinnett Public Library coming to sign up kids for my part in the media center and one of our parents is an author who will also be presenting in there. Lots of planning went into this by our reading team! I don't think I will be quilting tomorrow ;o(
Oh ...need to print those certificates..bye. k


  1. What a great way to spend Monday! See you on Saturday! Our kids are finally realizing we have less than a week to prepare :)

  2. See you Saturday. Our team is as ready as they are ever going to be.

  3. Tag you'r it. Check out my blog.