Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well I have been organizing today and noticed (or admit to) another BOM. This one is from a Homestead Hearth...yes again! It is the Carrie Hall Sampler by Barbara Brackman.
The first block is the top left.
It is gorgeous!
BOM's are great because they only cost a little each month!

I do believe it will be hand done like the Jan Patek 2007 mystery quilt I have been working on, Spenser Museum Quilt. I will do the applique by hand and the piecing by machine. I have finished January thru October and almost done with November. It has been a great quilt to work on and I love the colors. This was started as a block a month and now is available from Jan's site as a pattern. I also (golly, don't know if I really should admit this) have the 2008 Jan Patek Mystery quilt BOM. It is again large blocks, but I am trying a new machine applique technique that my friend Pat W. showed me....who learned it from Kim Diehl. Now that is enough of my addiction confessions....oh and I have only just started ;o) k


  1. I bet the Carrie Hall Sampler is gorgeous. Maybe you should treat yourself to a roadtrip to Homestead Hearth when you finish your degree. I bet they would put out a banner for one of their best BOM'ers LOL!!!!! Great to see you today!!!!!

  2. You are inspiring me with your applique. These BOM's are gorgeous. I'll do my Bunny Hill BOM this year, but maybe next year......