Monday, June 23, 2008

Quilts to show you care

The best "purpose" for a quilt is to give it to someone to let him/her know you are thinking of them in good or tough times. Or that you care about that person and wanted to show them this through your creative endeavors. Granted many might not know the time, $$, and creativity that goes into a quilt, but when I am included in a "show you care" quilt, I know it brightens someones day as well as my own. A few friends made some blocks and gave me the floral fabric to make a quilt for a lady we know who has cancer. I added sashing and was a little creative on the borders due to the fabric I had left...oh yes those are called design elements ;o) I quilted it and I finished the binding yesterday at Sunday Sisters (I normally don't go on this day). It is bright and cheery, just what a person needs to lift them up!


  1. Well said Kristie, I think giving quilts away is what it is all about! I loved the quilt when you worked on it on Sunday. The person receiving the quilt will have lots of happy thoughts to hang on to.


  2. This kind of quilt is filled with prayer! Let's hope your wonderful quilt wraps our friend with healing and love.