Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy and Productive

I have had a few busy days! Finished the Holly and Berries top, pieced the backing and made the binding. I also completed a rag quilt I made from 5" charm square packs. They are brushed cotton and feel great! I washed the quilt for the "raggy" look and noticed that the tangled mess one normally gets when pulling the quilt out of the washer was not as bad. I think it is because of the "pinked" charmed squares. The "pinked" part did make sewing rather MESSY! My clothes were covered in little threads. Overall, I would do another rag quilt out of them. I went to Sweet Home Quilts in Conyers and bought a tote pattern...and of course the new Hemming House fabric to make it. I have it all finished already! Will post a pic when I can find my digital camera...know the mind is getting old when I keep forgetting where I put things! On Saturday, my family went to a Bird Show. Yes they actually have these! It is a fun place to see different birds...mostly parrots, finches, pet birds...and buy supplies at great prices. I did not get a bird, but one actually nipped me good! That has not happened to me yet, even with my own birds. Ouch! Saturday afternoon I went to a meeting about getting my Specialist degree at UGA. It was an informative meeting with what we are expected to do, etc. It is going to be great and hard work. I have 2 friends in the Cohort with me that are going to be great media specialists when they get certified!


  1. You are amazing...I'm sure you will be crankin out the quilts while getting your Six year! Talk about productive!!!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your projects. Great idea to use charm packs for a rag quilt. Bring your projects on Friday! The bird show sounds great. I've attended a dog show and loved it. Your Specialist program sounds wonderful. Wish I had it in me to work on one. Did you need stitches? How is your injury?