Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holly and Berries Quilt

Worked on a UFO today. Made up my mind that I needed to finish an old project before I could start the quilt I received in the mail yesterday. (Trying to be good.) I am finishing the borders for Holly and Berries, a 2007 Stitch 'n Sisters kit. It is interesting how things get "pushed aside" when something new comes along and says "I have to be done right now!" The Holly and Berries top has been all together except for the over 200 1/2 square triangles for the borders (I made my quilt bigger than the pattern)...hmm wonder why I put it aside ;o) Well I can say that the borders are together finally after sewing them all wrong this morning! Yes, I pieced the 1/2 square triangles into pairs all wrong!! I laugh now because I laid them out as in the picture, put right sides together, but sewed the wrong seam on all of I ripped them all out and resewed! The points did come out rather nicely (the second time). Tomorrow I will sew the borders on the quilt and piece the backing out of the extra blacks I had from the top. I have been inspired to finish some UFO's because 2 of my friends are...right Becky and Brenda??? You are a good influence on me! Well except when we go shopping for quilt fabric...


  1. Well, that made me feel better that you sewed something wrong. Happens to me lots. The good and the bad - that's what friends are for. :) Post a pic when you have your top done. That's my motto - finish an old one, then I can start a new one.

  2. I love the Holly and Berries quilt. MADE IT BIGGER!!! TEE HEE more half square triangles for you. I spent the day drafting and redrafting a quilt block. It is so wonderful..but a bit frustrating right now.

  3. Kudos to you for unsewing and resewing all those pieces. I think I would have thrown my arms up is disgust and put it away for another time. Because of your cute tote bag, I *had* to go to Melisa's and get the pattern and a charm pack (Shangra-La). Bad influence!!!LOL Love your blog; keep posting!!!!