Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Addition

Well our new addition to the family came rather unexpectantly. I am a person that believes that there are signs leading us down the path we are supposed to take or guiding us to do things that are in our best interest. Granted some people might not heed these signs, but I do put stock in them.

Remember last time I posted about getting nipped by a bird? Definitely turned me off from getting a bird that day. Well I went to get my normal stock of bird food, toys, bird litter, etc, and I didn't realize that my favorite "bird mom", Katy, was in that day. I had not seen her forever! She was showing me all the wonderful "fids" (feathered kids in the bird world) she was hand raising. I told her what happened at the show and she told me that she just hand raised a rose-breasted cockatoo....the kind I was considering...the only kind I thought I would add to my flock...and she was a cutie with personality and such a love! Welcome Poppy!


  1. What a cutie pie! I'm sure you will enjoy many many years with you and your family. Just precious!


  2. Love your new bird! Love the name! Would love to see pictures of your other "bird kids." I too believe that things work out the way they need to work. When we force things, that's when we have problems.