Friday, July 4, 2008

New carpet

Yesterday and today I've been laying carpet. 480 square feet of carpet! I think the worst part is ripping up the old stuff up and the second worst is cutting pieces to "fit" in weird spots. All in all the carpet needed replacing due to the 28 years it has been on this floor. As you see the new carpet has the seal of approval from one of my pugs (the baby of the family). It is hard to tell from the picture that the color is a sage green...not the pug, the carpet!! Maybe tomorrow I can quilt!!


  1. Gosh, You are absolutely amazing! I'm having trouble running the vacuum cleaner over the carpet and you are installing carpet. You rock! Love the color! Love the picture of your pug. That's a seal of approval! (I'm trying to type this while my Rusty is telling me it's nap time. He is on my lap:)

    Have a great day!

  2. Awwww I didn't know you had a pug. Adorable!!!! You should read the book "Pug Hill". I really enjoyed it.

    PS: broke down and ordered "Hocuspocusville" as BOM from Homestead Hearth. I have no willpower....

  3. You are a very busy woman. I ripped up carpet several years ago in the bedroom, but never have I installed it. You go girl.

  4. Installin carpet!! There are people who do that sort of thing. Makes my knees hurt just thinkin of it.