Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's with this???

This past weekend there was a storm that passed by us from the Missouri tornado tornadoes just really high winds, hail and lots of rain.  I knew a tree fell down in the night from our neighbor's yard into ours...didn't damage anything except the fence.  Then in the morning we went out an noticed on the other side of our yard, the other neighbors had a tree "caught" on two other trees and was up rooted enough to pull out our fence on that side.  Bob and I were just looking around and I said, "hey is this a sign that our yard is the only one that got "trashed"?".  He laughed.
Any how, we are waiting for their insurance to take care of stuff.  So far they have not been out to determine the extent of the damage. Hoping for them today.
The dogs think it is great to have this new big thing to do their business on!

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  1. Shame on those trees, Missed you at the cabin.