Sunday, February 10, 2013

tick, tick, tick

Packers coming Tuesday!  Am I ready....well no.  Can one ever be ready....don't think so.  I found it funny that they give you stickers...6 of each that say:  Don't Pack, Load Last, and Fragile.

What I would use them for:

Don't Pack:  Animals...oops all gone now

Load Last: Dog Condos (Great Dane crates do not fit in a car), Bird cages (ditto prior comment), One more....should it be the little refrig we have been living out of since Thanksgiving or computer? Hmmm.  Have to go with the refrig....have iphone to check mail.

Fragile: Sewing machines and long arm

Okay now I have to ask if I want sticker residue on the above items....NOT.  Don't think the animals would want it on them either.  tick, tick, tick.   k

1 comment:

  1. I would guess that it was hard for you to let them pack those sewing machines at all! I would be worried about them the whole time.
    I went on a quilting retreat this past weekend and it was awesome. Get this....I'm teaching an 8 year old how to start quilting tonight! This ought to be interesting. ; )