Monday, February 4, 2013

Get away and new friends

Yes, we are moving in 10 days.  Yes, the packers are coming in a week...but I had to go on a quilting retreat hosted by Pat Wys this weekend in Ellijay, GA.

We had this...

A special treat to see all 3"- 4" which came down very fast.
The best part was all the fun we had meeting new people, eating way too much food, laughing, sewing on projects and getting inspiration from others.  For a while there we were not sure we were going to get down off the mountain, but Mother Nature cooperated so we could all get home safely.
Now it's back to the reality of the "move".  Today Kevin and I tried to see how 4 dogs, 3 birds and a bunny will fit in 2 cars for 10 hrs with 3 to follow...but it can be done we found out.  Here's two, Smudge and Toby, of the four going on the drive in 10 days. (They were so happy I was home and this pic was PRIOR to the clown zoo car trial)  k

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time on retreat and had snow that cooperated in time for you to leave :) Smudge & Toby are tooooo cute. Remember those happy puppy faces during hour 9 of your drive lol!