Monday, June 4, 2012


Smudge is doing better...he actually ate something this morning and has a little pep in his step.  He is definitely taking it easy still and I find it interesting how the other dogs know he is not feeling well.  They come up to check on him and then let him be.  Sweet pups to care for their middle brother.

I've been working on my school web page lessons for the meeting I have this afternoon.  I know I will be working more on it...I have stuff to upload, just taking the time to do it...well I'd rather be sewing or playing nurse to the

I found another bom that is FREE.  Yes you know how I am addicted to them.  Check the right side bar. It starts in July and is a Christmas Town theme.  Sounds great.  I also figured out how to bunch the four blog people doing this into one "reader" folder so I can just check the folder and they all pop up instead of checking each one.  Technology is great when one has time to play.

Well off to get ready for my, fun.  k

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  1. Ok, I will have to check out the free BOM. Two of my favorite words, free and Christmas.