Sunday, June 3, 2012

Must be the week of the vet...

Not sure what is going on here at the M house.  Smudge decided to have nasty stuff come out of his nose last night at 2 in the morning.  He woke up and I thought he was going to be know that sound they make right before...anyways, I pick him up and run outside (I did just wash all the blankets and sheets that day!)

He decided that no, he did not need to be ill...came in and was having issues breathing.  Now for a pug, breathing is a term that they do not do well anyways with their smushed face.  I waited a 1/2 hour and saw that it was not getting better and brought him to the emergency vet.  They were working on a dog and I had to wait a little while before they saw Smudge.

They thought he had a cold.  Weird because it just came on in an instant.  I have been Smudge sitting now and he is a little better.  Still having issues and won't eat.  I can't even give him the meds they gave me because he won't eat something with them.  I am hoping he will keep improving throughout the day and if not, I will go to his regular vet in the a.m.

I do have to go to the ISC for a meeting at 1pm so it will be for a long day.

I was going to take a pic of Smudge, like I did for Toby, but well it was rather gross with stuff spewing out of his nose and the drool hanging down his can just picture it with your own imagination!  Yuck!  k


  1. Oh dear; I hope both your patients are on the mend. Karmen

  2. Bless everyone's heart. Not fun! Hope all are better (forget about soon how about) immediately.