Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have been organizing...yikes!  I must say that it is very eye opening when one sees how much fabric and books I have....almost a hoarder!  Yikes!
Book fair started Friday and it makes for a very tiring day.   We have it all this week and I stay open on Monday until 6pm for the parents...conferences.  We do well during this time.
I had a 4th grade teacher ask me if I liked book fair.  Hmmmm. I said I liked it for the technology we can purchase for the school (so far 2 smartboards and 1 mimio); getting the books kids want in their hands; meeting parents who only can volunteer for book fair times (great peeps!); and choosing books we are going to earn for the media!
Then I is a lot of work and if one has never done it before they do not have a clue what goes into it.  This is fine...when it runs smoothly, it is better that way.
I have been working on a bom...well 2 actually.  I get bored of one and go to the other.  I did have a 3rd going, but somehow I messed it up and need to think and figure out what I did...not good to think about quilt math during book fair.
Think of me Monday....working 7am - 6pm at the book fair....yikes!  k


  1. Hope book fair goes well! Miss seeing you and hope to be at Thimbles Friday night and Sat. this month!