Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whine, whine, whine...

Well I wish I was quilting up in Elijay with my buddies, but no....I had to work.  I know they are having a grand time.

At school we are having our Readers Rally School Competition on Monday after school.  Been baking brownies, shopping and getting the questions, packets, and award certificates ready.  I tried the evite website to send out the invitations to the parents.  Seems to work great.  This is a good thing because I waited until Friday to send them out.

Look on the right and notice that I have posted 2 free boms.  Yes, you know I am addicted to them.  These are FREE with embroidery with quilting.  I did get the Aurifil thread from Sweet Home (bad Melisa) and do like it. Now that I think of it.... I believe it was bad Melisa who introduced this bom to me and Gretchen who then said, let's do that.  I think I will do the other bom in this thread too.  Looks like it will work so far.

Hope these interest you. k

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  1. I knew about one of the BOM, but not the other. You are so bad. I thought about you this weekend, know that we were not in Elijay sewing. At least we have next weekend to look forward to.