Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rough Week...

Book Fair was this week and it was a l-o-n-g one!  We didn't make as much as usual, but did sell enough to make it worth it.
I was able to sew the Civil War Barbara Brackman block from this Saturday....good thing because I am at work everyday after school doing something.  My day off from work will be Sunday.  Reader Rally is next weekend and I get to help set up Friday after work and be there for my team Sat. 8 - 2.  This day usually goes by fast, but is draining.

Well here is my #6 block:  Richmond..the points don't match up as I would like.  I did redraft the block, and cut the 2 1/4" squares to 2 1/8" squares and then in 1/2.  This did help with the matching of the pieces. k


  1. I love your block! I think I will attempt mine today. So good to see you at Sweet Home! Hope this week treats you kindly. You can take a cue from my kitties and find some sunshine to nap in :)

  2. You are so ahead of me. I haven't recovered from how bad my book fair was yet.