Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping up!

 I am surprised that I have been able to keep up with the Civil War "BOW" ...block of the week...maybe because it sounds like a dog...bow wow wow?  Okay stretching it there.

Worked on my mid-year RBES goals for work...I see all that I still need to do for work....I will get through it.

Not doing to good on keeping up with the UFO challenge.  I will "catch up" with that hopefully over spring break in breaks until then....ahhhhhhhh.  

If you enjoy funny library humor in kids' book, you will have to read The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity by Mac Barnett.  Fast read and a silly boy story that has ninja librarians!  Fav quotes on pages 40 and 41.
Link to Amazon off to read another kid's book. k


  1. As you can see, I am even behind in reading blogs! I love your blocks. If I knew librarians could be ninjas too, I would have definitely studied library science ;)