Sunday, December 5, 2010

Worn out

Been working/quilting/putting x-mas decos up this I am pooped. Tree is up ;o)
I worked on laying out Scrappy Nines and have it in rows ready to sew. Love that it does not have borders to add on. I also made a mini twister quilt from Primitive Gatherings. Just need to figure out how to quilt it. I also worked on the bazillion 1 1/2" squares for our swap. Doing good with that...still not done. I have been eyeing my light strips for the third part of Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Along.
Work at home wasn't too bad. Getting an order of books together...well this is the third big order I will have done this year. It is also the last year the media center gets $$ because it is still considered "new". I also have been working on a PPT so the kiddies can learn exemplar math concepts...yes I know I am a media, but we do have to do math for a RBES goal...don't ask. Anyway, I think I have it almost...still some tweaking needs to be done. It is a matching game and hope they will like it.
Time to snuggle with the pups...they do not like me running around the house! k


  1. I am worn out reading your post! You have been so busy!!!! I did get a few presents done which need to be done by Wednesday AM. Two more to sew...

  2. Thought that I had been busy. Missed seeing you today, root canal problems.