Thursday, December 2, 2010

Which hat today?

Well you know you are working too hard when your principal comes up to you and says, "Hey there media specialist, LSTC, TST" jokingly. I added "you forgot I'm a media clerk too"....heehee. Well not really a laughing matter, but I know she is aware of how I am trying.

I am a media specialist...check. Our LSTC just had her first baby (remember Olivia quilt) and is out until I am pseudo LSTC...check. Next our TST's wife has cancer and is in and out to be with her (which I think is absolutely wonderful!) I am pseudo TST....check. Next...well I did lose my clerk in October due to budget media clerk....check.

My principal has requested a sub TST who has been wonderful for all the techy things people have been asking about. He is not at school everyday, but is a call away. We also have a sub LSTC....well really someone to help on Fridays in the M.C....which is wonderful because it gets "harry" in there.

Oh and did I mention that we are adding accelerated reader to our January?....I'm in charge of that...uploading, labeling, etc.

To say I am swamped would be an understatement. Teachers see me and ask how I am and I smile. I know they are looking out for me because two of them noticed they were closing up lunch in the cafeteria a little early...had a para come and let me know so I would not miss lunch! Great peeps. Sorry about the whiny post...feel much better now ;o) k


  1. Not good...just not good. I'm writing a letter to the board.(just kiddin). You need some down time in the worst way. I may need to join you.


  2. Oh, man. This does not sound good. Too many hats could led to schizophrenia:)