Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did you hear the celebration?

Yesterday I finished the 60 string pieced blocks of Bonnie Hunter's RRCB...yes I was a happy camper and then proceeded to start step 6.  I hope to finish this step today and catch up with Karin!  Way to go Karin for having all steps completed. 

I did some work "work" this morning.  Trying to get the last of my "new school" money spent.  Can't wait to see the new stuff to come.  It is like Christmas at school when new books come in and I am the first to check them out.  Well off to sew with the pups ;o)  k


  1. I thought I was being so smart by using triangles on a roll, well not smart enough< I miss read and they finished a 2in not the 1 1/2 neededso happyHJKYTJFHYU squaring up to me. Love Teresa

  2. Love your new background. Congratulations. I am working on mine today.