Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas was quiet ;o)

I made brunch for the in-laws and it was great.  Got to use my fancy plates that I have accumulated and never use.  There was one thing I was hoping to get for Xmas, but did not...maybe I will for another celebration... isn't there one called Really Good Wife day in January?...hee hee.

The birdies have been seen out in this cold Christmas weather off of our back porch.

The other signs that I know it is chilly outside is when the pups look at me and say,

"You want me to go out there and do my business?  Yeah right!".

I have been sewing as much as I can.  The Bonnie Hunter RRCB mystery has been my main focus...trying to catch up.  Never should have skipped step 3...60 strip blocks.  I think I am getting close to 30...Oy!  I think I finally got a system down that works for block at a time...make 5...square them up...make more.  I tried chain piecing them, but the long strips kept getting tangled.  Hoping to finish these blocks before the other part comes out...though I still have to do the last step.  Need to find more greens for mine!

I've been thinking about the swap we just did, Morning Star.  Mine is almost together, but realized that the stars are not "finished" on the outside.  I think I am going to make more 1 1/2 background squares to attached to a "border" of the same fabric all around.  The stars would only finish out the quilt ones and not create new ones.  Hope that makes sense. 

Hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays. k

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  1. Its much easier to skip steps we want to magically finish by there self. Almost through with the 60 strings, havent started the halfsqs. Have fun Teresa