Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am a ...

I believe I am a quilt project bouncer. Now don't picture a cute old lady with quilted clothing and a rotary cutter in front of a quilt shop...hmm now that is a new profession..."quilt bouncer". Anyway, I can't seem to focus on one project this holiday week. It cannot be because I have a million and one bom's or kits! I wonder if there is a help group for this.

I have been working on an old bom from Homestead Hearth by Jan Patek. I love HH's boms. Each fabric is labeled what it is for! Takes the guessing out of it all. Anyways, it is the 2009-2009 Girl Gang....hand appliqued...well being appliqued. It is looking great but progress is slo-o-o-o-w. So for instant (?) gratification I went over to Silver Thimbles' Scrappy Nine Patch (kit). Well I had to work on this because it was what was taking over my sewing area. I have the nine bazillion 9 patch pieces cut out and am in the process of sewing nine patches...just on the 6 patch part right now. Hmmm....don't think this is instant gratification quite yet. I believe this quilt is a good one to show a quilter that if one keeps chipping away at the 9 bazillion pieces, you will have a magnificent quilt for your efforts.

Well back to bouncing ;o) k


  1. gellaBouncing is OK. I finnished a Bonnie Hunter Texas Braid with over 3500 Pieces.Boy glad that is out of the sewing room floor. Happy Turkey day. Love Teresa

  2. Bouncing is good, but what about cooking the turkey and the mashed taters?

    There will be no sewing here for the next few days.